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Introducing the internet of things to filtration monitoring

Introducing the internet of things to filtration monitoring

Introducing The Internet Of Things To Filtration Monitoring

AAF Flanders

Sensor360 product launch

Sensor360 is the first IoT (Internet of Things) technology platform that demonstrates the effectiveness of a building’s filtration system by monitoring particulate levels in the air. With the Sensor360 app, customers can understand and plan their air filter performance and maintenance in an entirely new way.

Logo and Tagline

The logo reinforces that Sensor360 is an app-driven product. The tagline highlights a key differentiator— Sensor360 can actually see and measure microscopic particles in the air.

Designing for Real-Time Data

The app is designed to give Facility Managers easy access to real-time data of their building’s air filter performance. Users can monitor and track system performance from individual air handler units to multiple facilities in different cities.

Customized data for each audience

Facility Managers have 24/7 monitoring capabilities on both mobile and desktop devices. Building occupants can see the quality of their indoor air compared to the air outside.


Colorful microscopic particulates reinforce the tagline and are the hero of the package design.

Taking Customers On A Deeper Dive

Taking Customers On A Deeper Dive

Taking customers on a deeper dive

AAF Flanders

AAF Flanders Experience App design

With the app, customers can interact with the company’s latest air filtration products and tools. Users can travel through a virtual reality experience and take new products for a 360° spin. Educational gaming lets you slice through particulates to improve indoor air quality. It’s an opportunity for customers to connect with the brand in a whole new way.

Utilize data to increase sales

By asking three simple questions, the Filter Selection Guide helps you choose the best air filter for your application. Results identify sales opportunities and new leads.

Take down bad air, put up big numbers

What’s product education without a little fun and games? IAQ Avenger lets users score points by destroying oncoming particulates. They’ll also learn about the importance of clean air and new product innovations.

Interact with new products

Customers can access information on the newest products, while exploring details from every angle with 360° spins. Hotspots reveal insights and competitive advantages.

See air filtration like never before

With virtual reality, customers can experience firsthand how AAF Flanders’ new cloud-based, real-time sensors work. Click and drag the video to see a 360 version of the experience.